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Wilco Taper

The Wilco automatic taper is an essential tool for any drywall professional and is the cornerstone of the Wilco automatic taping system. It is built on a time-tested classic design and crafted with the finest anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts to reduce wear and corrosion. The Wilco automatic taper applies tape and drywall compound simultaneously allowing you to work three to four times faster than taping by hand.
NOTE:Wilco automatic taper parts can be used to rebuild other brands of tapers.Call for detail

Suggested Retail Price
Price: $1,599.00

Wilco Taper Blades

Wilco taper blades fit all major brands of automatic tapers.

Suggested Retail Price
1 blade - $2.16 ea.

10 blades - $2.00 ea.
100 blades - $1.75 ea.
Wilco Taper Plunger Cup

Suggested Retail Price
Price: $12.90


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