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No More Ugly Drywall
Eliminating Unsightly Drywall Butt Joints with the RockSplicer

The RockSplicer from Wilco Drywall Tools Inc. is the ultimate answer to ugly drywall butt joints. Unsightly butt joints used to be accepted as being unavoidable.
Homeowners and builders had to learn to “live with them.” That is quickly changing.

The Old Way

Traditional drywall installation involves attaching the abutting edges of the drywall to a joist or stud, then covering the joint with a mound of tape and mud. You then had to make the mound very wide in an attempt to make it less noticeable.
This “bump” in the surface was once considered unavoidable, but not anymore.

Do you have ugly drywall butt
joints? Take this simple test.

Place a drywall T-square or yard stick across your drywall butt joint. If it rocks back and forth or you can see light through the outside edges, you know you have a drywall butt joint that’s going to be a problem. It will show up like a large lump on your wall or ceiling.

A Big Problem for a Long Time

For almost 100 years the drywall butt joint has been the weakest point and biggest problem on any drywall job. Even with the best finisher feathering the butt joint 32" wide you can still see the lump. The butt joint will almost always fall in the center of your great room or large kitchen, which is the centerpiece of today’s high-end family dwelling.


Problem Solved

You can solve all the problems that bad butt joints cause by using the RockSplicer, a proven innovation in drywall installation. The RockSplicer is easy to install for the drywall hanger and provides a recess for the finisher to tape and coat. The result is a 12" wide butt joint that is fast to finish and completely flat every time. Once the RockSplicer is installed the drywall butt joint can be finished as smooth and flat as the factory tapered edges. The RockSplicer is 53" long so that it overlaps and attaches to the adjacent sheets of drywall. This helps to tie the boards together and make them even stronger. The RockSplicer attaches to the drywall only and not any framing members so it is very
fast and easy to install.

The RockSplicer can be used with any thickness of drywall and is not affected by fiberglass insulation in the cavity. The RockSplicer can be installed on both walls and ceilings, with metal or wood studs, 12", 16", or 24" on center. The RockSplicer makes crown molding, trims and cabinets easier to install due to the seamless surface it creates.

A Higher Standard

The RockSplicer is rapidly setting a higher standard for what is acceptable in the drywall industry. The RockSplicer is very easy to install. You don’t have to learn any new techniques and the butt joints can be finished the same as factory beveled edges. Finally, drywall butt joints can be finished completely flat and only 12" wide. The RockSplicer saves time, material, and money and reduces costly callbacks. The RockSplicer from Wilco Drywall Tools Inc. has solved the last real problem in drywall installation and finishing, the bulging butt joint.

Installation is Quick and Easy

To install the RockSplicer, simply hang your sheet of drywall so that the abutting edge lands between the studs or joists instead of on them. Next, place the RockSplicer behind the installed piece of drywall and attach it with screws. Now hang your next sheet of drywall the same way you normally would. When you attach the abutting edge the RockSplicer pulls the board back to give you a perfect recessed joint to tape and coat. The RockSplicer installs in less than 30 seconds.


Wilco Drywall Tools, Inc. has been manufacturing high quality automatic drywall taping tools for the past 20 years. We are very excited about how well the RockSplicer works with our automatic tool system or any automatic system for that matter. Drywall butt joints are now easier than ever to tape and coat using automatic tools. They can be finished using the exact same process that is used to tape and coat
factory-beveled edges.

The RockSplicer is a quick, easy solution to an old ugly problem, whether you are finishing by hand or using the latest automatic taping system. Try the RockSplicer on your
next job and your drywall will be smooth and flat like drywall was meant to be!

Samples are available upon request. Call Wilco today for details.

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