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Wilco Pump w/ Filler

Wilco pumps are used to fill all major brands of taping tools. They are built with the highest quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum parts. Wilco pump parts can also be used to rebuild many other brands of pumps.

Suggested Retail Price
Price: $330.00 (regular pump)
Price: $370.00 (quick clean pump)

Wilco Gooseneck

The Wilco gooseneck is used with a pump to fill an automatic taper.The gooseneck is made of stainless steel and will not rust as some other brands may. Please specify what brand of pump you are purchasing it for because sizes may vary.

Suggested Retail Price
Price: $95.00 (sold separately)
Price: $85.00 (purchased w/pump)
Wilco Box Filler/Adapter

The Wilco box filler is a standard size and will fit most pumps. The box filler is used with the pump to fill flat boxes and angle boxes.

Suggested Retail Price
Price: $70.00 (sold separately)
Price: $60.00 (purchased w/pump)


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